When we started talking about the necessity to change the traditional approach of communication, we couldn’t imagine where this journey would take us.

écume studio was born with the ambition to raise awareness about a responsible vision of communication by developing new methods and tools that will enable brands to move their brand strategy towards the future of communication.

We are currently working on écume score, a dedicated CSR tool that will make it easier for brands to make their first steps in their sustainability journey. It will be available from September 2022 and it’s a ready to use analysis framework for brands. écume score will allow them to make an initial assessment and set objectives and priorities in environmental and social areas. The more brands use this tool, the more we will build a common ground to analyze data and achieve meaningful progress.

Founders, Chiara Valle Vallomini and Caroline Guinet. Photo by Goldie Williams.

écume studio starts with the vision and commitment of its co-founders: Chiara Valle Vallomini & Caroline Guinet.

Both of us truly believe creation and design can help shape a more sustainable future. Our expertise and strong will to support the creative industries’ initiatives lead us to écume studio, the first consulting and creative agency bringing social and climate justice into communication strategy and actions.

We envision écume studio as a laboratory for building new and innovative approaches in communication and encouraging brands in their sustainability journey by setting standards and common goals. By recognizing our peers and clients’ communication impact, we will develop methods to create more ethically and responsibly.

écume studio logo designed by Quentin Astié, with the open-source font Terminal Grotesque by Raphaël Bastide and Jérémy Landes. Credit écume studio.

At écume studio, our commitment to sustainable development has driven us to develop an innovative and holistic approach to communication. Our services are built to bring our knowledge in both communication and sustainability to you, so that your brand's identity and strategy really speaks to your clients.

We dedicate ourselves to transform the way brands communicate, from the concept to the implementation, in collaboration with our strong multidisciplinary network built on inclusivity and diversity.

What do we do? Communication as usual, but responsible:

Forecasting consultancy: market intelligence, consumer insight, trend books, sustainability strategies, client workshops

Brand strategy: mission, vision, positioning, storytelling, messaging

Creative direction: brand identity, graphic design, art direction and production - styling, photography, filming, copywriting

Digital: web design and development, social strategy and planning, email campaigns

Founders, Chiara Valle Vallomini and Caroline Guinet. Photo by Goldie Williams.
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